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Corporate on-site massage


This service is of incredible benefit for people in the workplace. It releases tension in the neck and shoulders for anyone who has to be desk-bound for long stretches at a time. Many businesses have found Sarah’s ‘tension blitzing’ sessions of invaluable help. For as short a time as ten to twenty minutes per person, this has been proven to reduce tension and stress, which in turn improves both focus and performance at work.
Sarah can spend the day doing short sessions for those who need the merits of deeply relaxing manipulation. She will bring her own massage chair to your business, wherever it’s called for. A full or half day includes non-stop one-to-one mini sessions, focusing on the neck, shoulders, arms, head and upper back.



3-hour half day: £250
6-hour full day: £400
Alternatively, sessions can be charged individually (minimum of 2 hours):
10 minutes: £15
20 minutes: £25
30 minutes: £40



“ 'I am an English teacher and mother of two children. I lead a very busy and stressful life in Paris and tend to have lots of colds, lose my voice and generally get very run down. I have also had a back problem for many years and have been going to an osteopath on a regular basis. 'I have always been interested in alternative medicine, searching for ways to combat my stress and tiredness. I have been a regular client of Sarah's over the years, having treatments every time I visit London. (She has also given me Bach Flower Remedy treatments with consultations over the phone when I have been unable to visit.) 'I find Shiatsu is a very effective way to relax totally and let go – something I am unable to do easily. I also find that after a treatment I usually have more energy and feel "nourished" if that makes sense. One of the aspects I appreciate most with Shiatsu is that, depending on my present physical or mental state, the treatment can be adapted to suit my needs. Sarah is very attentive and listens to her patients carefully and always finds the appropiate treatment with success. ”


Teacher at Sorbonne University Paris